Mobile Blogging: Is It Really Worth It?

Mobile Blogging: Is It Really Worth It?

I’m currently on the Academy Bus from Red Bank, NJ heading to the Port Authority in NYC for a night out with some friends. It is 4:51pm as I begin to write this. Although I usually listen to music for the duration of the trip, I’ve decided to have a little experiment with blogging (while still listening to music) to entertain myself. I’m writing this entire post on my iPhone on the bus!

Mobile blogging is really an ideal, romanticized version of how great life is with technology. I usually picture someone (myself) on some quintessentially beautiful, virgin beach with a Corona at my side and a bunch of naked goddesses suntanning as I write a blog post that is sure to bring in enough money to pay for that night’s bottle service shenanigans. How perfect.

Reality: my blog makes no money, there are no naked girls, I’m typing on a tiny iPhone keyboard, and I’m on a public bus, not a virgin beach. The idea is still pretty cool though.

The Plusses of Mobile Blogging

First and foremost, it is a form of valuable time saving multi-tasking. I just reached the Cheesequake rest stop, which means 15-20 minutes have passed since I’ve started. I’ve barely noticed.

Secondly, the iPhone is amazing. Sometimes I have to take a step back and remind myself that this thing is real! I’m listening to Iron and Wine and I’ve answered a few texts, all while writing this post.

The wordpress iPhone app., at least the version I have, is simple. I can see comments, pages and posts and easily edit or add new ones. The accelerometer of the iPhone allows me to turn it sideways for the larger keyboard, which makes a huge speed difference.

The Minuses of Mobile Blogging

Right away I noticed: no visual editor! Not a huge deal, I’ll just have to be sure not to eff up my HTML. However upon further consideration, it makes it infinitely harder to add links (I’m not adding any), or images (I don’t even think I can add images?).

The keyboard: small. This was a problem for the first ten minutes, but I’ve adapted. Still, it’s not optimal.

No previewing: I like to see things visually before publication to check for any glaring errors. This is not possible here. Hopefully I’ve been perfect!

SEO: the all in one SEO pack is how I and many wordpress bloggers optimize, but the options aren’t here! No big deal really (I only do it out of ritual), but this might be a problem for some.

Overall, with the limitations of having to write all the HTML, difficult linking (it would be a pain to constantly leave this app., open safari, and copy the link), lack of images/other media, mobile blogging leaves us with a post that, while content might be okay, is less dynamic and less engaging.

Other Values of the WordPress Application for the iPhone

Managing, editing and replying to comments seems to be the best feature of this app., where you don’t have to sacrifice other aspects of you blogging.

Comments often require nothing more than text, therefore replying via this app., would be as easy as sending a text message. It allows you to stay actively engage with you audience with no worry about where you currently are.


It is now 5:27, about 35 minutes after the start of this post. I’ve passed the time with a fun post/experiment. While it isn’t the deepest essay and required little research, I believe it adds value.

Will I post via this app. again? Probably, but it will be used sparsely, and only for the fun, more frivolous posts. After all, this is a personal blog, so what good is it without a little fun? I’m another 30 minutes from the port authority, I’m going to go play some boggle to pass the remaining time!

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